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Azaleas bloom in summer, their flowers often lasting several weeks. Shade tolerant, they prefer living near or under trees. This Azalea plant is available in all color along with cachepot. Full and colorful, Azalea plants make great housewarming gifts, a warm addition to office decor, or just a great gift in general for someone who appreciates natural beauty. Order one today at Flower Zone Boutique, send it to anywhere in Lebanon and enjoy our same day delivery service.

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Azaleas are in the plant genus of rhododendrons. Over 10,000 different azaleas have been named so there are a large selection of sizes, flower colors, and bloom times to choose from when selecting an azalea plant. A wide variety of flower colors and patterns are also offered in the azalea family. There are deciduous azaleas and evergreen azaleas. Known today in many a gardening club (and in the majority of climates, too!) as the “Royalty of the Garden,” the breath-taking Azalea has made its mark quite clear – it’s the eye-catching centerpiece or focal point of numerous gardens, as well as a house favorite of countless florists (although you won’t hear them admit it out loud)! These delightful and easy-to-care-for flowering house plants are found country-wide in many outdoor and indoor garden designs.

Popular with outdoor gardeners and landscape architects alike, the “re-blooming trait” is being bred into other Azalea species more commonly in the 21st century, mostly for autumn blooming purposes in colder areas too! Blooms usually last for up to two weeks, and in warm climates like the Deep South, some potted Azaleas even will then bloom again later in the fall! This means, you can send a blooming Azalea plant to a loved one anywhere in the Lebanon with our same day delivery service and rest assured your lovely gift will provide long-term love!

Many flower and plant lovers wonder if they can take a floral gift and use it in their personal garden. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” If you receive, for example, an Azalea Bonsai, as a gift, you can definitely “strut its stuff” by featuring it in your home garden!

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